The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning

If you notice that it’s taking longer for your clothes to dry, your clothes are hotter to the touch when they come out of the dryer or a burning smell coming from your laundry room, it’s likely you have a build-up of lint. When hot and moist air gets trapped in your dryer, the machine takes much more energy and time to dry your clothes. This can not only drive up your energy bills but also damage your dryer and reduce its efficiency. When vents are clean and clear, your dryer can do its best work. If you notice these things contact Dryer Vent Wizard of East York and the Beaches in Toronto as soon as possible.

Over time the lint built up in your dryer can become a fire hazard. Did you know a major cause of house fires comes from dyers? While cleaning the lint trap reduces the overall amount of lint, there is still plenty hidden in your dryer vents and ducts that you cannot see. This build-up not only reduces airflow but also causes the dryer to overheat and reach temperatures it wasn’t built for. Cleaning your dryer vent will not only keep your home safe and improve air quality, but it will also keep your dryer, whether gas or electric, working efficiently.

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