As part of our commitment to keeping our community safer, Dryer Vent Wizard of East York and The Beaches shares industry knowledge with East York, ON residents. Learn about dryer vent safety, warning signs, and news here!

Dryer Vent Services Provided

We provide dryer vent services in Toronto Ontario, The Greater Toronto area Ontario, Pickering Ontario, Ajax Ontario, Whitby Ontario, Oshawa Ontario, Markham Ontario, Richmondhill Ontario, Vaughan Ontario, Gormley Ontario, Aurora Ontario, NewMarket Ontario, King City Ontario, Whitchurch Ontario, Stouffville Ontario, North York Ontario, Scarborough Ontario, York Ontario, Uxbridge Ontario....

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Dryer Vent Duct Material

Here at Dryer Vent Wizard Of East York and The Beaches in Toronto we make sure your home or business is safe. When we service your dryer vent exhaust system, we ensure all vent materials are compliant with the recommendations and requirements of one or more of the following: current IRC (International Residential Code), Underwriters Laboratory, dryer manufacturers, Consumer Product Safety...

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Cleaning Foil or Plastic Dryer Vents

The majority of calls we get are for dryer vent cleanings. We also get calls for dryer vent repair, dryer vent installation, dryer vent booster fans, dryer vent roof covers, dryer vent wall covers, dryer vent relocation and dryer vent inspections. Many times clients of ours are surprised when we let them know we cannot clean a foil or plastic dryer vent duct. The are a few good reason why we...

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How Often Should I Have my Dryer Vents Cleaned

How often should I have my dryer vent cleaned? Is dryer vent cleaning really needed?

Dryer vent cleanings are absolutely necessary to keep your property and occupants safe. There are 15,900 dryer fires annually. The leading cause for dryer fires are lint and dirt build up. If you don’t have your dryer vents cleaned on a regular basis lint will build up inside your dryer vent line....

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Dryer Not Drying Clothes - Dryer Vent Issue

We come across this question often about why dryers don't dry clothes properly. Sometimes its take two or more full drying cycles to get clothing dry. It can be a nightmare if your dryer isn't working properly. Unfortunately some people just continue to do laundry and running their clothes dryer multiple times without realizing its something they can get fixed. People assume it a...

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