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The Beaches in Toronto ,

This team is amazing. They were extremely nice and hardworking. We moved into a new house and our clothes were not drying. We bought a new washer and dryer set and still no luck with getting it to work. Figured it was a dryer vent problem. Found Dryer Vent Wizard online and they had great reviews. We had them come to our home and within 30 minutes had figured our the dryer vent problems were. They even went onto our roof during their dryer vent inspection. They left no stone unturned. They made a few recommendations and we decided to go ahead with all the recommended services since we were tired of not having a proper dryer working. While they were working we confirmed online everting they said needed to be done was true. Our dryer has never worked better. These guys are magicians. If you are thinking about buying a new dryer call these guys first. They will definitely save you from unnecessarily spending money on an unnecessary new dryer.

Joanne Boulet

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