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The Hidden Dangers in Your Laundry Room

Do you know how safe your laundry room is? The laundry room is one of the most used in homes, yet many homeowners aren’t aware of the hidden dangers lurking there. Luckily, these hidden dangers can be easily taken care of with just a bit of maintenance. Here’s where you need to look to keep your laundry room safe.

One of the biggest dangers in your laundry room is, of course, the...

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Deep Clean Your Dryer

Even though you’re cleaning out your lint every time you use your dryer and getting your dryer vents professionally cleaned at least once a year, your dryer will still benefit from a good deep clean every once in awhile. So, get ready to grab a few cleaning items to give your dryer a scrubdown from top to bottom!


Soap & water
Old toothbrush

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Firefighters Douse Dryer Fire at York Street Spa

Firefighters quickly extinguished a dryer fire at a spa on Tuesday.

Calls to 911 came in at around 11:45 a.m. from the York Street Spa, where one of the dryers in the basement had caught fire. There was thick smoke in the basement and on the first floor.

The fire was brought under control within ten minutes of crews arriving.

One of the 911 callers was still inside the...

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Young Family Home Engulfed in Dryer Vent Fire

Firefighters were called to the fire on Friday, Sept. 24

“A family reported they had gone out for a walk and came back to find their house on fire,” explained Devin Capcara, deputy chief of operations at Emergency Services.

Crews rushed to the scene but the fire spread quickly throughout the home.

“Our crews arrived and found the house was fully involved and took a...

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Regular Dryer Vent Cleanings Could Save a Life

Regular dryer vent cleanings could save a life. Lint builds-up and clogs your dryer vents, creating a major fire risk. Kera Mashek outlines how the events of a tragic dryer fire lead one family to educate people on the importance of keeping your dryer vents clean to protect your loved ones.

A metro family learned that the hard way after losing a 16-year-old girl two years ago when her...

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