Young Family Home Engulfed in Dryer Vent Fire

Firefighters were called to the fire on Friday, Sept. 24

“A family reported they had gone out for a walk and came back to find their house on fire,” explained Devin Capcara, deputy chief of operations at Emergency Services.

Crews rushed to the scene but the fire spread quickly throughout the home.

“Our crews arrived and found the house was fully involved and took a defensive fire strategy, which means they fought the fire from the outside and we’re able to make entry to put it out from the inside,” Capcara said. “The fire burned through the natural gas line at the meter and the gas line was feeding the fire so it progressed rather quickly.”

Despite the gas line feeding the flames, firefighters were able to knock back the flames and bring the fire under control within about an hour.

Heavy equipment had to be brought in during the operation to extinguish the blaze, leaving the home in rubble.

The house was a complete loss, however, crews were able to protect a holiday trailer that was parked nearby, which sustained minimal damage.

Investigators determined the blaze originated in the dryer.

“The fire originated in the dryer and they determined there was nothing suspicious about it,” he said. “Due to the amount of damage, they were not able to come up with an exact cause but were able to determine that it did start within the dryer, which was the point of origin. Whether it was an electrical issue or a full lint trap, they were not able to narrow it down to that level, unfortunately.”

The fire is not considered suspicious.

Since nobody was home at the time of the fire, there were no injuries reported from the incident.

The deputy chief this acts as a reminder that you should never leave appliances unattended.

“If you leave appliances running when you leave the house, there is always an increased risk of fire. We recommend not leaving washing machines or dryers running when you’re not at home,” Capcara said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family of four who has lost their home.

“Holly and the girls went for a walk in their trails and came back to see their house on fire in front of them. Thankfully, everyone was safe but they lost everything,” the GoFundMe reads. “They have two very special little girls, ages five and three, dogs and horses.”

The GoFundMe has a $5,000 goal and is currently sitting at $350 as of Wednesday afternoon.

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